TCI Model 737 HF/VHF/UHF/SHF Spectrum Monitoring and DF System

TCI Model 737 HF/VHF/UHF/SHF Spectrum Monitoring and DF System

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The Model 737 addresses the frequency ranges of 20 to 3,000 MHz or 20 to 8,000 MHz with optional extensions down to 9 kHz and up to 50 GHz. It employs TCI’s user-friendly Scorpio™ Spectrum Monitoring Software to convey signal information in a variety of intuitive and interactive graphic displays, and also supports automatic signal measurements in accordance with ITU recommendations.

TCI’s Model 737 is the world’s first SMS system to combine ITU-compliant monitoring and direction finding (DF) with hybrid angle of arrival (AOA) and time difference of arrival (TDOA) techniques in a field-proven emitter geolocation solution. TCI’s innovative AOA/TDOA precision geolocation technology meets the demanding requirements of regulatory agencies worldwide.

The 737’s exclusive, multi-channel wideband architecture supports a wide selection of processor measurement bandwidths. This yields exceptional performance and the ability to measure and analyze a variety of traditional and modern signals in diverse signal environments.

• Field-proven spectrum monitoring and geolocation solutions used by over 50 regulatory authorities worldwide.
• Fully integrated, ITU-compliant spectrum monitoring and direction finding (DF) system.