TCI Model 710 Automated Spectrum Management System

TCI Model 710 Automated Spectrum Management System (ASMS)

  • Description

The TCI Model 710 Automated Spectrum Management System (ASMS) uses a client-server configuration with the latest version of Microsoft Windows operating system, SQL Server Relational Database Management System as the database engine and Windows® XP operating system as the GUI interface. The TCI ASMS supports spectrum regulatory functions including license administration, engineering analysis, fee calculation and billing.

• Fully compliant with ITU SM-1370 and SM-1537 recommendations.
• Flexible system design includes functions ranging from national frequency allocations and assignment planning to license application processing, approvals, international coordination and accounting.
• The system can be readily adapted to meet specific requirements of national regulations and procedures.
• Typical TCI Spectrum Management systems include an extensive array of engineering analysis tools used for planning purposes.
• Flexibility provides for the incorporation of a standard accounting package used for billing and administrative finance purposes.