TCI Model 710 Automated Spectrum Management System


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View map information generated by the ASMS in the Google Earth™ mapping service. MapPlus is an add-on module for the TCI ASMS, which equips every ASMS map screen with an “Export to Google Earth” button. Clicking this button generates a file in KMZ format containing the current data (for example, stations, links, or calculated field strength).

ASMS then launches Google Earth, which displays the KMZ data over its terrain map. The operator can zoom, pan, and “fly” over the data set in Google Earth’s three-dimensional space. This makes it easy to verify station coordinates against surface landmarks, visualize broadcast field strengths in relation to population centers and verify line-of-sight visibility between stations on the latest satellite maps.

• KMZ exported files can be saved for subsequent analysis and comparison.
• Satellite imagery and layers are maintained and updated by the Google Earth™ mapping service.
• High-resolution satellite images available for many areas.
• Labels for surface features (city names, roads, etc.) are dynamically generated by Google Earth as zoom is varied. Labels can be turned off or on as needed.
• Custom overlays (e.g., economic regions, zones and districts) can be developed and added to map displays.
• Compatible with Google Earth and Google Earth Pro™.