Analysts monitor frequency usage using Scorpio, TCI's spectrum monitoring software


TCI technology empowers those who govern the spectrum

There’s no substitute for accurate information when you’re enforcing spectrum licensing and developing sharing and reallocation policies. Accurate, comprehensive monitoring is essential. It’s the key to acquiring actionable data on the electromagnetic environment and managing deliberate and accidental frequency interference in real time.

TCI offers a full family of solutions to provide a complete picture of spectrum user activity in licensed and unlicensed bands. Building on a legacy of DF achievements, these products offer the world’s first field-proven implementation of innovative AOA/TDOA hybrid geolocation technology — currently in use by regulatory agencies around the world.

In addition to details on spectrum occupancy and alerts regarding events of interest, TCI’s Spectrum Monitoring System tools include Automatic Violation Detection (AVD). Operating with frequency assignment license data downloaded from the SMS database, AVD detects unlicensed operations and determines whether licensed transmissions comply with tolerances for assigned center frequency and bandwidth. Detailed mapping capabilities help reveal vulnerabilities, enable compliance monitoring and graphically identify and track long-term trends as they develop.

ITU-compliant TCI systems are available in configurations tailored to the requirements of regulatory agencies, as well as network operators, security services and police forces. Spectrum-critical sites may be monitored by fixed remote installations and for wide area data collection missions, TCI offers vehicle-based and portable systems options.