A spectrum analyst monitors the frequency using TCI spectrum monitoring system


TCI capabilities defend high-value areas that present significant security challenges

Dense signal environments are common at sites such as government, military and security facilities, embassies in foreign nations, air terminals, ports, sports venues and other public locations. This requires leading-edge technology to detect and locate constantly evolving security threats.

TCI offers an array of solutions tailored for these diverse situations. Whether operating under direct supervision or autonomously, these systems help identify potential security breeches in real time and trigger alarms, as well as gather intelligence data to make informed risk mitigation decisions. TCI’s tools can alert operators to the presence of specified signals or activities inconsistent with an established background mask.

Fixed and mobile TCI network components, including airborne and maritime options, offer powerful capabilities for wide area spectrum monitoring missions. These make it possible to optimize a system for local topography, and support rapid and precise direction finding and geolocation. Coverage can range from an area the size of a harbor to borders and coastlines. Whether you’re dealing with potentially threatening unauthorized transmissions or interference with legitimate signals, TCI solutions simplify the challenges of optimizing and allocating usage and defending the spectrum.