TCI Model 641

VHF/UHF DF and Spectrum Monitoring Antenna

The Model 641 VHF/UHF DF and Spectrum Monitoring Antenna is designed for applications requiring an accurate, multi-element, direction finding antenna, combined with a sensitive omnidirectional monitoring antenna. The 641 supports broadband operations from 20 to 3,000 MHz when used in TCI’s Spectrum Monitoring System (SMS) or COMINT DF. Typical DF accuracy is 2 degrees (RMS), 1 degree in a reflection-free environment. Built-in self-test (BIST) for automatic testing and verification of the operational status of the antenna is included.

The 641 is available in fixed-site and mobile installations. The mobile configuration also includes an electronic flux gate compass used to determine a North reference for DF bearing calculations.

  • 20 to 3,000 MHz broadband antenna for DF, monitoring, and metrics
  • Unique design provides high sensitivity over entire frequency range
  • Large aperture for greater DF accuracy: 2° RMS typical over frequency range
  • Rugged, lightweight construction for easy installation and long life
  • Unique design provides optimum balance between compact size and good sensitivity over wide frequency range
  • Available in two configurations for fixed and mobile applications

* US Patent #6,198,454

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