TCI Model 619

Dual Mode HF Antenna Compact HF Antenna

The TCI Model 619 antenna is a small, inconspicuous, versatile antenna designed to operate over the entire shortwave frequency range. It requires minimal ground area (it occupies a rectangle of 4.6 m x 7 m) which also makes it ideal for rooftop operation.

A special feature of the 619 antenna is that it can be driven in two different transmission modes. One mode is similar to that of a monopole antenna producing a low angle of radiation, while the other is similar to that of a balanced loop and produces a high angle radiation. These two modes are driven by a special dual-mode coupler which allows simultaneous transmission over the entire 2 MHz to 30 MHz range by two separate transmitters connected to the same antenna. This again allows a savings in ground or roof area by reducing the number of antennas required.

  • Dual mode – simultaneous operation of two transmitters without frequency restrictions
  • Small land area – easy to install on roofs
  • Almost invisible – thin members make it hard to see
  • Simple installation
  • Wide bandwidth – no tuners
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