TCI Model 613

Broadband Dipole Antenna

The Model 613’s true broadband capability provides excellent performance over short- and medium-range circuits. The antenna’s height and configuration were chosen to provide high take-off angle radiation at the low frequencies optimum for short-range communication, and low take-off angle radiation at the higher frequencies necessary for longer-range communications. At the take-off angles used in short- and medium-range communications, the azimuth pattern is essentially omnidirectional. This great flexibility makes the 613 applicable to most communications requirements.

The 613 achieves broadbanding without the use of resistors or tuning units, so it delivers full antenna efficiency, radiating valuable power rather than losing it in tuning devices.

  • Reliable, short- and medium-range communications
  • Small land area
  • Broadband (2 to 30 MHz) – no tuning
  • High efficiency
  • Easier and safer to install and maintain
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