TCI Model 570

Mulitmode Spiral Antenna

Employing an optimized, four-arm spiral configuration supported by a central mast, the Model 570 significantly reduces the land area required for arrays of HF antennas. It can operate with up to three simultaneous transmitters, reducing the number of antennas required at communications stations.

The 570 provides both low and high take-off angles that enhance communications performance at all ranges of interest, including very low take-off angles (around 3 degrees) that are used for long-range communications. The antenna can operate in low-angle mode only, high-angle mode only, or simultaneously in both low- and high-angle modes. Its land area requirements are small, allowing room for the installation of more antennas and reducing attendant coupling problems.

  • Simultaneous operation of two or three transmitters
  • Dual take-off angles provide optimum gain for short-, medium-, and long-range circuits
  • Very low take-off angles for very long-range communications
  • 2 to 30 MHz operation
  • Small land area
  • Simple rugged structure
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