TCI Model 550

Inverted Cone Antenna

The Model 550 is an excellent choice for omnidirectional HF communications where both ground wave and sky wave coverage are required. Its large diameter/height ratio provides excellent VSWR and pattern performance over a very wide frequency range. The Model 550-6 reaches 20:1 and operates at full efficiency down to 1.6 MHz, making it one of the few broadband antennas optimized for the lower maritime bands.

The 550 achieves true wideband capability with full radiation efficiency. The antenna uses no tuners, special coupling units, terminations, resistors or lossy elements to achieve its high bandwidth, nor does it use any techniques or devices to couple RF energy to the ground, a technique sometimes used to increase bandwidth at the expense of efficiency.

  • 1.6 to 32 MHz – covers entire maritime mobile service
  • Single tower
  • 2.0:1 VSWR maximum anywhere in band
  • Fully efficient
  • Rugged and safe to erect
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