TCI Model 545T and F

Pyramid Antennas

The Model 545T is a transportable and quickly deployable dual take-off angle antenna, offering the features most desired in a tactical antenna required to communicate over any range at any azimuth. The Model 545T, and its fixed counterpart the 545F, are omnidirectional, and radiation is vertically steerable. Independent low and high beams are generated allowing gain optimization for any communications distance.

Essentially orthogonal high-angle and low-angle modes minimize coupling, so the Model 545 can be operated in the low-angle mode only, the high-angle mode only, low-angle and high-angle mode switched. Circularly polarizing the signal in the horizontal plane minimizes ground losses, providing full gain at either high- or low-angle to enhance communications reliability.

  • Dual take-off angle provides optimum gain for short, medium, and long-range circuits
  • Easy and rapid installation
  • Lightweight and small size
  • Horizontally polarized to eliminate ground losses
  • Transportable Tactical (T) and Fixed (F) versions available
  • Rugged construction
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