TCI Model 540

Omni-Gain Antenna™

A log-periodic antenna embodying a unique design, the Model 540 gives communicators a broadband, omnidirectional, HF solution with the highest possible power gain. Horizontal polarization virtually eliminates ground losses, and arraying in elevation provides superior directivity. Performance is virtually independent of the ground beneath the antenna, and no ground screen is required.

The 540’s configuration provides a broad elevation plane lobe with high-angle radiation at lower frequencies, and a narrow lobe with low-angle radiation at higher frequencies. The actual take-off angles closely parallel the statistical ideal so that the 540 is superb for roll-call, shore-ship, and ground-air applications involving transmission paths greater than 1,000 km.

  • Medium to long range omnidirectional coverage
  • Horizontally polarized to eliminate ground loss
  • High true power gain
  • Rugged construction
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