TCI Model 530

Short-Range Log-Periodic Antenna

Designed specifically to support sky-wave communications at short (0 to 500 km) ranges, the Model 530 Log-periodic Antenna directs energy overhead to provide optimal support for short-range circuits. In addition, at the higher frequencies used for longer ranges, the 530 radiates significant energy at lower angles for medium- and long-range circuits.

The 530 is extremely useful for ground-air and ship-shore applications. Its radiation pattern is suitable for secondary coverage of medium-range circuits as well, where it significantly outperforms traditional conical monopole and inverted cone antennas. The 530’s horizontal polarization also avoids the ground losses associated with vertically polarized antennas.

  • High-angle radiation for reliable short-range communications
  • Horizontally polarized – no ground losses
  • High power-gain
  • Effective medium-range coverage
  • Rugged construction
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