TCI Model 527 and 527B

Super High Gain Log-Periodic Antennas

Highly reliable communications on long-range circuits require antennas with high power gain at low take-off angles. Techniques developed at TCI now achieve this with smaller structures than previously possible.

The Model 527 consists of two Model 524 curtains stacked vertically, delivering performance on long-range point-to-point circuits exceeding that of a rhombic antenna more than twice the size.

The Model 527B consists of two standard transposed dipole arrays. With an azimuth beamwidth of 64°, this antenna is extremely useful in applications where high gain, low take-off angles are required over a broad azimuth.

For long point-to-point circuits where wide-azimuth coverage is not required, see the single-curtain TCI Model 524.

  • Reliable Communications on Long Range Circuits
  • High Power Gain – Over 18 dBi
  • Wide Frequency Bandwidth – 4 to 30 MHz
  • Small Land Area – Replaces Rhombic Twice the Size
  • Low Take-Off Angle
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