TCI Model 521

Rotatable Log-Periodic Antenna

With the Model 521, TCI’s design techniques established a new standard in terms of bandwidth, gain, VSWR, and front-to-back ratio for a given size structure. This compact and easily erected antenna has been providing highly reliable service since it was introduced in 1973.

As a rotatable, HF log-periodic antenna, the 521 is a general-purpose solution. In this role, it comes close to the performance specifications of fixed directional antennas in terms of gain, bandwidth, power handing capability, front-to-back ratio and reliability. It meets these performance standards while also successfully addressing directly conflicting economic and physical requirements regarding reliability, erectability, size and cost.

  • Fixed horizontal radiator allowing medium- and long-range coverage
  • 70° Cardioid beamwidth
  • Fully adjustable azimuthal direction via rotator
  • Fully-efficient: 2.0:1 VSWR
  • Wide bandwidth: 4 to 30 MHz for transmit, full 2 to 3 MHz for receive only
  • Hydraulic and control units at ground level
  • All necessary erection equipment included
  • Most assembly performed at ground level
  • All-aluminum construction
  • Special rotator assembly same as used by heavy-duty industrial cranes
  • Compact, rugged and easy to erect
  • Eliminates the need for multiple antennas
  • High-environment version available
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