TCI Model 507

Di-Monopole Hybrid Log-Periodic Antenna

Model 507 Di-Monopole designs represent a class of improved log-periodic antennas. They capitalize on the advantages of dipole log periodics, which include gain, substantial power handling capability, and no complicated ground screen for impedance matching. Yet the 507 also largely circumvents dipole log-periodic limitations, particularly the large tower heights required to serve lower frequencies.

At the same time, the 507 incorporates the monopole log periodic’s advantage of small vertical dimensions, while addressing its disadvantages of reduced gain and ground screen requirements. By combining high performance with reduced height, the 507 offers structural advantages, as well as an operational benefit near airports.

For other Di-Monopole Hybrid Log-Periodic solutions, see TCI Model 513.

  • Highest gain, broadest bandwidth for a given tower height
  • Combines low tower height of monopole for low frequency operation with the gain of a dipole log periodic at higher frequencies
  • Minimal ground screen requirements
  • Full 2 to 30 MHz coverage
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