TCI Model 504

Rosette Steerable LPA

Model 504 rosette dipole log-periodic antennas provide high gain, high front-to-back ratio, steerable performance in a compact area. They are ideal for ground-air and shore-ship circuits, where the other end of the path is mobile, and good long-distance coverage and gain are needed.

Each curtain of the Model 504 acts independently. In effect, this permits the antenna to form four 120°-wide independent beams simultaneously. Further independence and flexibility are provided by using transmitting or receiving multicouplers, allowing several operators to use any one beam simultaneously.

A choice of alternative frequency ranges lets you match available land and height restrictions and maximizes bandwidth and performance such a space will support.

  • Compact high performance steerable LPA Rosette
  • 2 to 30 MHz coverage
  • No ground screen needed for impedance matching
  • Power levels up to 25 kW average, 50 kW peak available
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