TCI Model 503

Vertical Curtain Antenna

Utilizing a structural design that provides the smallest and shortest dipole log periodic for a given bandwidth, Model 503 antennas provide efficient long-haul or sectoral coverage service. The 503 is a vertically polarized log-periodic dipole antenna with a narrow, low-angle elevation plane pattern, suitable for medium or long-distance coverage. Installation near seawater or use of an optional ground-screen kit improves low-angle coverage.

The 503 is available in either of two azimuthal beamwidths: 180°, generally used for broadest sectoral coverage, and 120°, where a more directive pattern is desired.

  • For sectoral coverage or long-distance communications
  • Most gain and bandwidth with given size land area and tower height
  • Higher gain and lower take-off angle at higher frequencies
  • Broad (180°) or narrower (120°) azimuthal variations available
  • No ground screen needed for impedance match
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