TCI Model 402/410

High Performance Circularly Disposed HF Arrays

The TCI 402/410 series of circularly disposed antenna arrays (CDAAs) uses a set of high-gain beams covering the full 360˚ azimuth to provide very sensitive HF signal reception and direction finding (DF) in a single structure. The 402 and 410 series log-periodic antenna arrays offer the ultimate for short/medium-range or medium/long-range reception and DF. The 402 is horizontally polarized; the 410 is dual polarized.

In receiving applications, the 402/410 CDAAs require significantly less space than a group of full-band, high-gain log-periodic antennas providing complete azimuth coverage. This makes the 402/410 highly advantageous when available land is limited or real estate at a premium.

  • The ultimate in HF signal sensitivity for Acquisition, Monitoring/Communications and DF
  • Exceptional DF accuracy
  • Single Site Location (SSL) capability
  • Short, medium and long range
  • Very efficient land use
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