Global graduates of TCI's annual spectrum monitoring technical training seminar



Leveraging more than 50 years of experience in designing, installing and maintaining spectrum monitoring equipment, TCI delivers on every criterion by which best-in-class solutions are judged.

Lower Lifecycle Cost
TCI is known for developing best-value solutions that achieve the lowest total cost of ownership by maximizing performance and making operations as easy as possible. TCI systems are field-repairable, self-calibrating and utilize the same easy-to-use client software to minimize training costs. Built-in Self-Test (BIST) capabilities and self-calibrating antenna technology further reduce maintenance costs and achieve the lowest lifecycle ownership cost. And TCI hybrid geolocation solutions deliver best value by providing the best area coverage with the fewest stations.

Full Compliance with ITU Recommendations

TCI spectrum monitoring and management systems are fully compliant with ITU-R recommendations as outlined in the 2011 International Telecommunications Union Spectrum Monitoring Handbook. Operators depend on TCI technology to meet or exceed all ITU recommendations for the measurement of frequency, field strength, occupied bandwidth, modulation, direction finding, spectrum occupancy and automatic violation detection.

User-Friendly Interfaces
TCI’s Scorpio™ and Blackbird NextGen client software incorporate a wide variety of powerful graphical displays with easy-to-use features that enhance understanding and simplify operations. Scorpio software can be operated interactively, allowing the operator full control of measurements and displays with instantaneous feedback, or in automatic scheduled mode without operator intervention.

Blackbird NextGen operators can use the completely redesigned Blackbird GUI to view the spectrum and signal activity in list, spectrogram and map views using intuitive controls including touchscreen and gesture support. Since the spectral data is recorded, operators can scroll "back in time" hours, or even days, and view spectral data which is overlaid with the detection database results — enabling signal analysis and even geolocation on past signals of interest. Search results can then be filtered to display specific signals of interest using Blackbird’s intuitive Search pane. A simple right click employs Blackbird’s unique "Search Similar" function to instantly find similar signals by frequency, spectral footprint or geolocation.

Automatic Operation
TCI’s Scorpio software also allows automatic measurements of signal parameters in accordance with ITU recommendations. A single Scorpio server measurement station can handle requests from multiple Scorpio clients and provide data collection from multiple systems in different locations. Automatic Violation Detection (AVD), another powerful Scorpio tool, verifies compliance of licensed emitters, detects unlicensed operations and can perform measurements on a single frequency or on a range of frequencies specified by the operator.

Blackbird’s easy-to-use Automation capability evaluates incoming intercepts against the search criteria. Matching intercepts trigger automated actions such as operator alerts, tagging, automated modulation recognition, realtime or Lookback recording and AOA, TDOA or state-of the-art hybrid geolocation. Blackbird's Automation tasks aid online operators with notification and alarms or can be used to set up a completely automated search, collection and reporting mission.